Over 40 years of development experience.
Utilizing the technology cultivated in Higashi-Osaka,
where many Japanese core-technology gathers.

More than 40 years of cooking home appliance development experience.

Top class development share of oven-range products.

Capability of export to various countries.

Planning / Mold / Mass production
Full process support

Crystal Electric Co., Ltd. makes various proposals to customers in order to make better products and realize more efficient production, focusing on OEM & ODM operations.

By integrating many years of experience and new technologies, we support all processes related to products, from design development and manufacturing to cost review, and make use of our know-how and knowledge for the purpose of improving high productivity and quality.

Our hope is that we can build relationships of trust with our customers and develop together with our customers by knowing all about the production, and know-how.

Product (OEM&ODM)

Top class production share in domestic oven-range.

We provide services for development, such as building a joint development system or creating a product from scratch based on the product concept.
Based on the past 40 years of experience in developing home appliances, joint development and commercialization with customers, we can talk technically from the standpoint of the customer.

In a market with various needs, you can win trust with our flexible ideas and appropriate planning.

Capability of export to various countries.

●Overseas export destinations

North America
America, Canada

West Europe、Russia

China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea

Planning / Mold / Mass production Full process support.

By cooperating with production factories, we respond to needs such as quick delivery and mass production with excellent supply capabilities.

The factory makes thorough quality control on a daily basis, making the best use of its advanced technical capabilities with the motto of producing safe products.
We also provide technical guidance to local staff from our company and work on manufacturing products from a detailed perspective to meet the requests from our customers. For quality problems and issues, we will clearly identify the cause and improve the production process to make better products.

We aim to create products that achieve superior quality, reasonable prices, and satisfy all performance, quality, and cost through partnerships with customers.

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Flow of OEM & ODM development

We introduce all processes related to products from planning design to mold arrangement to mass production.

(1) Inquiry and Offer and Quote

Consultations specific to the customer's requests will be provided.
We will provide a price estimate along with an estimated schedule.

Inquiry and Offer and Quote
Inquiry and Offer and Quote

(2) Order and Design

Using the previous estimate and schedule as a basis, the order will be processed.

Based on your requests and while keeping functionality a high priority we will design and select components to launch the new products.
You can leave the design of PCBs to us.

Order and Design

(3) Prototype production

Before molds are purchased, you will be able to confirm their final specifications with prototypes.

Prototype production

(4) Purchase of molds

We will work with our factories to produce molds; if there are parts and components which require longer lead time, we will help you get them ordered.

Purchase of molds

(5) 1st sample production trials

After the molds are received, we will produce an initial set of samples in order to run a series of tests.
(Safety tests, Functionality tests, Reliability tests)

1st sample production trials

(6) Parts and Components

We will manage the ordering of parts and components for mass production.

(7) 2nd sample production trials

We will run tests on the samples after making adjustments based on the first set of trials.
We will also do final confirmation on the appearance of the product. Application for various standards (JIS,JET etc) will also be prepared.

2nd sample production trials

(8) Mass Production

We will begin production at our factories.

Mass Production

(9) Shipment

After production is complete, we will handle all the transportation between the factory and your warehouse, including handing customs.


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live_helpQ&A for OEM&ODM

OEM stands for “Oiginal Equipment Manufacturer”, which means that our company produces under the partner company's brand according to the design of the partner company.
ODM stands for “Original Design Manufacturer”, which means that our company designs and produces under the brand of the partner company. We also do joint development between OEM and ODM.
In addition to product costs, we principally as for separate payment for design costs, sample costs, mold costs, safety standard acquisition costs, etc.
Depending on the product type, and depending on the design, the time required for the design, and how much the mold will be raised, it takes about half a year to about a year from the start of development to the start of production. Please consult us for specific products.
Crystal Electric performs design, design, prototyping, production process management, quality control, and provides technical, production and quality guidance to factories.
The factory works with Crystal Electric to produce and manage products that meet customer quality standards.。
Crystal electric and factories communicate closely and work together to enable high-level development, production, and quality control to meet customer requirements.

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